Which coupon types are available and what is the difference?

At Feel Good Moments, you can buy two types of coupons: The Feel Good coupon and the value coupon. With the Feel Good coupon you choose your experience in advance. With the value voucher, everything is still open and you can choose from the entire Feel Good offer.

Can I still exchange Feel Good vouchers?

As long as the Feel Good voucher has not been activated, it can be exchanged against another voucher. So you have all the experiences to choose from!

What if the amount of my voucher does not match the value of the selected Feel Good price?

If the value of the voucher is higher than the value of another Feel Good Moment, the difference remains as a remaining balance. If the value of the voucher is lower than the value of the new selected Feel Good Moment, you have to pay the difference.

Where can I buy Feel Good vouchers?

You can order vouchers online, by mail or via phone.

How do I use my voucher?

  1. Wellness Voucher on www.feelgood-moments.com/en / vouchers / voucher_einloesen enable - simply follow the steps of the online form.
  2. After activation, you will receive the contact details of the organizer
  3. Make an appointment - let's go !

How long are the vouchers valid?

The voucher can be redeemed within 3 years of the date of issue. After this period, a one-time extension of the voucher for another year against a processing fee of € 20.00 is possible.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to be there for you personally!

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