Small rituals for YOUR inner peace!


How little rituals help you to get into relaxation mode.

The evening is the best time to relax! Unfortunately, the switch to relax is often not that easy to flip. Too many thoughts and experiences of the day want to be processed by your brain beforehand. So how do you manage to leave these things behind in order to be able to enjoy your time-out properly? It is a good exercise to leave the working day behind you on your way home in the car or train by visualizing how you can gain mental distance from the job and professional issues with every meter of distance. When you get home, you create the external framework to be able to find peace inside. You can do this, for example, by slipping into cozy sweatpants and making yourself comfortable on the couch with a cup of tea. Or you can use the effects of essential oils in the form of a diffuser or roll-ons. Fragrances also play an important role in the evening care ritual, in the form of shower gels, creams and the like. Turn your shower into a mindfulness ritual with all your senses! Perceive every drop of water on your skin and consciously visualize how the problems of the day drain away, while you imagine how tension and negative energies are washed away. Afterwards, your body is also happy by carefully oiling it and maybe thinking about a little stretching routine tailored to you!

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