Active relaxation!


Create balance!

Sounds exhausting? The interplay between body and mind is extremely important for a healthy system, because relaxation does not come about simply by doing nothing. Similar to the stress reaction, many physical and biochemical processes take place. Unfortunately, if you are physically tired, that does not mean that your thoughts come to rest. Conversely, the head can already be completely exhausted from all the thinking, but the rest of the organism can still run at full speed. So it can happen that you lie on the couch and cannot switch off. In many cases, exercise can help! For example, if you go to yoga after a week of mental work, clean the apartment or take the dog for a long walk - your head is suddenly much lighter. If, on the other hand, you work physically all week, exercise only helps to a limited extent. Here you can try Tai-Chi: This meditative martial art strengthens inner balance and makes you more balanced. Very gentle restorative yoga can also help! Breathing, which takes place in harmony with the gentle movements, is particularly important in order to promote inner calm and concentration. If you practice any kind of exercise outdoors, it will have an even better effect on your organism!

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