Relax individually!


Relaxation is an exciting topic ...

and above all as individually as each person. For example, a visual journey can be very relaxing for a visual person, while someone who is not particularly creative feels even more stressed by it. And just because your best friend feels reborn after an hour of yoga doesn't mean that you will enjoy it too. It is important that you develop suitable rituals for yourself and do not put yourself under pressure. In other words, you shouldn't stress yourself when relaxing. Paradox right? But as in all areas of life, high expectations and a tendency towards perfectionism tend to lead to disappointment and stress.
The best way to find out what helps you the most to really come down through playful experimentation. Your own character traits and your current life situation can point the way. Contrasts in life are often relaxing, for example if you have a sedentary job, a lap can work wonders and if your everyday life consists of constantly interacting with people, an evening alone in the bathtub might be particularly good for you. If you suffer from general inner restlessness, meditation is your way out and peppermint oil could help you with tension and headache.
It is essential with all relaxation methods that you use them regularly. As with everything: Consistency is the key!

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