Feel the peace inside you!


Give yourself a time of distance and cold, warmth and closeness!

We humans need interaction! They make us happy, give us a feeling of security and make us feel a deep sense of connection. A loving hug is comforting, a gentle caress gives us courage and, especially during a massage, everyone quickly feels how it is doing. Especially in times of distance regulations and masks, you quickly feel lonely and long for contact. You can at least partially compensate for this by touching yourself. You caress your own body gently and carefully, focusing on the delicacy of your skin and your breathing. Make sure that your thoughts towards yourself remain positive and loving! Every touch conveys the message of affection and attention, in this case for yourself.

Science also shows us how important this is: People who are hugged and caressed frequently in everyday life are less aggressive and fearful. Through direct skin contact, even the youngest learn to build bonds and trust. When you stroke the skin, nerve tracts are stimulated and these transmit the corresponding signals to the brain. This is where the happiness hormone oxytocin in particular is released. It slows down breathing and heartbeat in the long term and lets us calm down. In addition, touches perceived positively strengthen your immune system!

Give yourself this little break in which you can devote yourself entirely to yourself. If your body needs more, we at Feel-Good-Moments have great partners in the area of ​​massage that will help you forget the challenges of everyday life with their magical hands!

How about a beneficial one Shiatsu treatment or a Aroma-Touch-Technique?

Do you have any questions? We are happy to be there for you personally!

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