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Look into the distance
From which place near you can one look well into the distance? A hill, a bridge, a skyscraper with a terrace? Allowing your gaze to wander is extremely good and trains your foresight. For in between, while working on the computer, a glance out of the window is enough.
I'll be gone then!
Be often out of reach for everyone. Except for yourself! With smartphones, tablets and computers, we can receive and send messages anywhere and anytime - and as a result we often feel under pressure. Absolutely wrong!
Pack a treasure chest
What makes you laugh? What are your favorite comedians? Which skits or passages best suit your sense of humor? Pack a treasure chest - with CDs, DVDs, books, cartoons and found objects - that "tickles" you.
Let go!
Take a look around - which three things in your field of vision can you get rid of today? Give them away, donate, throw them away (if they are really broken)! It is liberating and you make others happy.
Activate head cinema
Those who think of beautiful things relax and improve their mood. Take the time to indulge in pleasant memories. If you find it difficult, use a photo album to help you. But sometimes it just takes a little patience before you can really "empathize".
Why don't you treat yourself and your body to a little break regularly !? A massage can work wonders: blockages are released, pent-up energies are released and body and mind have time and opportunities to relax. Do something good for yourself, let yourself be massaged - afterwards you will feel like you've been reborn!
For example, have you ever tried Shiatsu ? This relaxing treatment relieves back pain and calms your body and mind!

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