Moving into the new year!


Tips for "lazy sportspeople"

Are you a classic sports grouch? What you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy, you will find out in this post! True to the motto “Feel good!”.
Go into the forest
Exercise in nature has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. The dust-free air is balm for the lungs, and the back and joints love the soft forest floor. The messenger substances that the trees release into the air - the so-called terpenes - also activate and strengthen our immune system.
Hop again
Can you still remember when you jumped the trampoline in a playful way as a child? You probably didn't think that you “have to” exercise. Trampoline jumping is the new trend and can easily be practiced at home. There are small trampolines that stimulate blood flow to the entire body in just a minute. At the same time, more than 400 muscles are activated, trained and relaxed. Then hop ...
Give everything for a minute
Everyone can overcome himself for a minute! Little time to move? This is no longer an excuse. So how about: A short sprint?
The less athletic, fat, tense you are, the happier yoga will make you. Because yoga is for everyone! After all, breathing exercises or stretching are just as important as sweat-inducing yoga flows. So start the way you feel comfortable! Small steps are the way to achieve your goal. You can choose a breathing exercise and two stretching postures that you can practice every evening after getting up or before going to bed, for example. Et voila! You have a yoga routine, congratulations! Of course, when the yoga fever grabs you, you can build on it, and who knows? Maybe before you know it, you'll find yourself smiling in a yoga studio!
Or you start with a lovingly led private yoga unit! We believe in you!

Do you have any questions? We are happy to be there for you personally!

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