Fitness training for the brain

08.12.2020 / Nicole

Stay mentally fit!

Have you already done something for your mental fitness today? With these tips, we'll show you how to stay mentally fit and active! Because the saying "use it or lose it" doesn't just apply to your muscles, but also to your brain.
Learn something new every day!
. Occupy yourself with something completely new for at least ten minutes every day. What have you always wanted to know more about? What would you like to learn something new? Find an unusual hobby or follow new interests.
Dance more often
. Just turn up the music and get going! It's more brain jogging than crossword puzzles where only the pencil moves. Dancing can act on the body like a fitness program. Depending on the intensity and type of dance, circulation, musculature and coordination are put under considerable strain. Regular exercise on the one hand and engagement with music on the other have a positive influence on brain functions.
Keep lists
. Write down everything you want to buy and then memorize it well. Then go shopping without the list. Did you remember everything? So you can train your memory incidentally in everyday life.
. Nutrition is an important factor not only for your physical, but also for your mental performance. This is because vitamins are needed not only by your immune system, but also by your nerve cells. Especially B vitamins are important for your cognitive abilities. All green vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, seeds like sunflower and pine nuts, but also nuts and legumes have plenty of them. Your brain is largely made up of fat, so be sure to include good fats in your diet as well. Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid and is very important for your health. You can get it either through hemp seeds, flax seeds, algae or fish. Also remember to drink enough (ideally water). If you also diversify your diet, then nothing can go wrong!
Talk to yourself
. Yes, you read correctly! It may seem strange, but talking to yourself actually makes you smarter. You structure your thoughts better. In addition, you remember what you have said better than what you have thought, so you can recall the content more easily. For long-term memory, the following applies: The more you tell yourself, the better your brain works.
Cultivate friendship
. People who have many social ties are less likely to get sick and protect their memory. According to studies, affection strengthens the immune system and keeps blood vessels clear. So, give a loved one a call!
Reading perks you up
. Browsing boosts brain activity even several days after reading. Books that awaken our enthusiasm and imagination are best.
Counting steps
. Many smartphones offer apps with step counters. 10,000 is the goal. Dare to take the first step! Preferably outside, because if the brain is supplied with sufficient oxygen, it is even more powerful. Enjoy!

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