2021 - The year of new beginnings and change

01.01.2021 / Mag. Martina Groer, Diplom-Astrologin

Annual preview 2021

A very special year 2020 is coming to an end. It will probably remain in our memories for a long time and possibly also go down in history. 2021 - the year after. What will happen next? What else awaits us? These are the common questions that probably accompany us all at the moment.
Each year has its special topics and shows us this in the special astrological time quality. The questions that the year 2021 asks us are: What in your life has long belonged to the past and wants to be renewed? What decisions are long overdue? What may go out of your life, so that it makes room for something new? These questions are applicable in both personal and mundane world events. But all this is subjected to a test once again.
After Jupiter and Saturn jointly reach the zodiac sign Aquarius on Dec. 21, 2020, changes will start step by step, and nothing will remain as it was. The year 2021 starts on 13.01. with a special new moon. It is accompanied by the transformer Pluto, which is responsible for the fact that we change things fundamentally, reshape and step out of fixed ideas. Exactly one year after Corona became known, the question now arises, what should be transformed here and come out of hiding into the light of day. Additionally, this particular New Moon is under the influence of Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius. Saturn, the examiner who seeks clarity, Mercury, the lord of communication and factual reason, and Jupiter, the lord of insight and development, together want to bring things to light that were previously hidden. It may be that new insights about the past come to the surface and form a new world view. The entire year 2021 will be accompanied above all by an astrological quality of time: We have three times the exact square between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn in Aquarius, the thorough examiner and preserver of the old is in tension with Uranus in Taurus, the innovator and visionary. One can imagine that now the old, which still wants to remain and endure, is in conflict with the lord of innovation. Around the following three points in time, this tension is most noticeable: Feb. 17, June 14 and Dec. 24, 2021.
The Saturn-Uranus cycle underway here began in 1988 and enters its final quarter in 2021, lasting until 2032. There are thus even greater processes of change ahead of us in the coming years, and this is essentially about rebellion against old systems, guidelines and standards towards new humanitarian, individual and liberating forms. The future will thus be placed on a new basis, because the old has now really had its day. It will be important to face these changes with a positive attitude and to go a bit beyond our personal limits, voluntarily or otherwise involuntarily. With our inner attitude we can always choose whether we still want to keep the old systems or consciously decide to allow the new and do something for it. In any case, the old will no longer endure in the long run.
2021 will continue to be exciting because it takes us from the old to the new, from the known to the unknown. It is time to open up to new horizons and to display a certain degree of courage and craziness so that the new can also emerge well. Slogans for 2021 could be "Make flexibility class!" and "Together bring new visions into reality to look at the end of the year into a new time that we ourselves have freely created." Of course, the respective quality of time must always be placed in special relation to the individual birth chart in order to find out where exactly the themes show up in each individual person. For this, an individual interpretation of a birth chart is necessary.

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